Quick review of details for Katsucon in Arlington, Va, this weekend:

I’ll be hanging out with two of my Halfpixel pals, Dave and Kris.

We’re planning to do a fan meet-up at a nearby restaurant Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. — so if you’d like to come along and have dinner with Dave, Kris and I and a throng of Halfpixel fans, post an RSVP in the comment section below or drop me an e-mail. We’ll probably walk to the mall near the hotel and hit a restaurant there.

We’ll be doing the following panels:

Sat 10am: Print, Web, or both? Dave & Kris

Sun 9am: How to make Webcomics: Kris, Dave & Brad

Sun 11am: How to make money with Webcomics: Kris, Dave & Brad