Charlie Gavin, who produces the stellar Silver Age webcomic, interviewed me recently. The results have been posted on his site.

Recently I had the chance to do a little email interview with cartoonist and author Brad J. Guigar, responsible for the comic strip Evil Inc. (as well as Courting Disaster, Phables and Greystone Inn) and one of the writers behind the fantastic book How To Make Webcomics. He also authored The Everything Cartooning Book in 2004. Yes, Brad is a busy guy. But he somehow found the time to answer my questions about Evil Inc, time management, Halfpixel, and webcomics in general.

Go check it out, and stick around and check out the comic while you’re there!

And, while I’m at it, Gary Tyrell over at Fleen did a tremendously kind write-up to cover the ninth anniversary of Evil Inc last month that I neglected to link to.

See, the thing about Brad Guigar (aside from the obvious, such as he’s a hell of a nice guy, he has the world’s most understanding wife, and he laughs a lot) is that he’s almost more interested in the question What’s behind the curtain? than the question What is it? And by that I mean, rather than be content with a comic strip, he’s compelled to abstract things by a layer or two and look under the hood.

Read the very kind words here.