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This week’s question…

Since the newspaper column that this comic accompanies is yet again stuck on the “tired wife / horny husband” theme, we’ll turn to another question e-mailed by a reader of this Web site…

A reader writes… Q: My parents have recently divorced, and my father has been dating a new woman. I am fine with this, however the woman has two children of her own. I like her, and the kids are fine as well.

The only thing is the older daughter has a huge crush on me. She is about three years younger than me, and finds almost any reason to spend time with me. It started when I was asked to watchdog for my dad over her at a school function, and now she asks for souvenirs from my work, invites me over for things, and finds ways to get me around. I have brought friends with me multiple times, and they all agree she is very into me.

She is very attractive, and under the circumstances, I might take her up on some of her hang out offers. I’ve asked all my friends, and the results are 50/50. Half think it is weird to even think about doing anything, and the others think there’s nothing wrong. We were not raised together, haven’t know each other long, and should any status change, I would not be living under the same roof.

As for other relevant info, our parents seem to be semi-serious. They have broken up a few times. Not really sure what to do. Not really looking for feedback regarding legality, more morality if anything.

Names and situations have been changes to protect the innocent.

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