A few, quick updates from the weekend that was NEWW

(1) In my excitement, I neglected to upload the Saturday strip. Ed had it colored in plenty of time, I simply dropped the ball. It is up now, and it reflects my new status as an iPhone user.

(2) I made MTV’s Splash Page.

(3) I added another convention stop, Pittsburgh Comic Con, Sept. 11-13. And I may be adding another very shortly.

(4) There’s a special Flickr photo pool for NEWW photos here, including shots of the Webcomics Weekly Live show.

(5) Evil Inc went down for about ten minutes today due to a bonehead move my Yours Truly. Thanks to a flurry of emails, tweets and texts, I knew about it about three seconds after it happened and was able to fix it quickly. You guys rule. The Earth.

(6) NEWW was indescribably tremendous. Superlatives fail. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. Special thanks to Meredith Gran for a Herculean effort.