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This week’s question…

A reader writes… Q: I’m in my early 30s and seeing a girl I went to middle school with. We “went out” in 7th grade, then went to different high schools and didn’t see each other for about 17 years. We ran into each other in a bar in our hometown and sparks flew. Only problem was, she was married (miserably, to a guy almost 20 years older, with kids close to her age from a previous marriage that she can’t stand). I had been living with someone, unhappily, for a few years. After a couple years of e-mails and such we got together and ended up in the sack. It was incredible. She left her husband and I left my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for several months and love each other a lot. But she’s still married and still calls him in her “damsel-in-distress” moments. And she never told him about me. She can’t break her reliance on her “second father,” and it’s killing me. I would do anything for her, but she is still conflicted. She did leave him, so doesn’t that mean something? And I can’t imagine she would go back, as she knows I am better for her than he ever could be. What should I do? Get out so she can’t have her cake and eat it too?

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