If you’ve noticed the new ads running on the Evil Inc site, you’ve probably already guessed that I’m welcoming a new sponsor. SpyBattle is a text-based browser game in which you play a spy in a futuristic world. In this world the Regenabots have conquered all disease, achieving nigh-immortality for humankind — and a massive overcrowding problem.

What makes this game so cool — other than the fast-paced play and the fact that I can even play it on my iPhone — is that they’ve started an Evil Inc faction.

So, if you want to join, you can play along with me (I’ll be playing as Evil Atom).

The game is pretty simple to catch on to. If you get stuck, be sure to read the emails in your SpyBattle Inbox. And take advantage of the friendly Greeters who will e-mail you and ask if you need assistance.

One warning: It’s deceptively addictive. I completely expected to sign on long enough to learn enough about the game to do the ads. I wound up coming back over and over because I got caught up in the game. Now I sign on with my iPhone to get a quick couple rounds in when I have a couple spare moments.

To join the Evil Inc faction, either click on one of the SpyBattle ads on the Evil Inc site, or click here.

See you in the future!