In a recent interview with CBR, comics legend Len Wein talked about his upcoming two-part JLA stint (on sale in June). Therein, we find this exchange…

Wein: “… I’m also bringing back one of my favorite characters, Plastic Man, just because I can.”

Just. Because. He. Can.

Now, if you’re a longtime reader of this space, you’ll know that Plas is one of my all-time favorite characters, and I’m stymied at his absence in the DCU for the past few years. Wein bringing Plastic Man back Just Because cements the guy as Swell in my book.

Which makes this even more important:

CBR News conducted the following interview with Len Wein about his upcoming run on “Justice League of America” 48 hours before most of his home was destroyed by a fire. While Wein and his family escaped without injury, their dog Sheba perished in the flames.

Insurance is going to cover much of the damage — except for Wein’s extensive comic collection. Comics historian and writer Mark Evanier is leading an effort to replace as much of that collection here.

Go check out the site. If you can help, please do.

Just. Because. You. Can.