If you’re going to be making a special trip to your comic shop this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, you’ll want to be sure to pick up the special Blackest Night giveaway.

According to Major Spoilers, the issue will provide info sheets on all of the major Sinestro Corp characters and some preview information detailing the 24 issues related to Part One of the Blackest Night saga.

According to a recent Newsarama interview, writer Geoff Johns has been consumed with making these characters as three-dimensional as possible:

NRAMA: Do you have names for all these guys? How do you keep all these Lanterns straight?

GJ: I’ve got names and stories for them all: Every single Orange Lantern that Phil designed, all the Red Lanterns that Shane designed, everyone. I think the fact that Phil designed all those Orange Lanterns is because he’s so into the concept and the work speaks volumes about his dedication to the story.

Read the entire interview.

Click on the image for a larger version, courtesy of DC Comics’ The Source.