Lethal Legion #1 (of 3)

Creative team: Story: Frank Tieri; pencils by Mateus Santolouco

Yet another villain-centric title is being rolled out by one of comics’ Big Four next month. Marvel’s Lethal Legion gathers some hardcases that refuse to buy into Norman Osborn’s New World Disorder. Newsarama has the interview with Teiri:

If the events of “Dark Reign” are Norman Osborn’s dream come true, Dark Reign: Lethal Legion is his nightmare.

While Osborn has pulled in, threatened, intimidated, or bullied virtually every villain in the Marvel Universe to his side, there are some that don’t want in, or can’t be bullied. The likes of the Grim Reaper, Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man, Nekra and Man-Ape, for example — as individuals they’re formidable, but together, they’re the Lethal Legion.

And they don’t want to drink Osborn’s Kool-Aid.

Kicking off in June, the three issue Dark Reign: Lethal Legion by Frank Tieri and Mateus Santolouco will tell just what happens to villains who don’t take a shine to Osborne’s plans, and whether or not they live to tell the tale.

We spoke with Tieri for more on the baddest of the bad.

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