Marquis of Death: Making a Big Splash on the Marvel Universe, the Marquis is the One who taught Dr. Doom the ABCs of evil. (A is for arsenic, B is for bondage, C is for Creature… In FF #566, Doom prepares Latveria for the arrival of the Marquis, literally strewing his path his roses. Upon arrival, the Marquis obliterates Von Doom in a firey onslaught. In the opening of #567, Doom has defeated the otherworldly Marquis after a six-week war. He has unveiled a statue honoring Mr. Fantastic, who fell in the six-week battle. Sue Richards is now his devoted wife. And pregnant. And Ben Grim is his trusted chum.

Life is good for the doctor.

Until, of course, the Big Reveal. The alternate reality was the creation of the Marquis of Death, who merely gave it to Dr. Doom so he could rip it away. Doom is still suffering under the superior might of his teacher, who finally disposes of his failed pupil somewhere in the Pliocene Age.

Having settled detention once and for all, the Marquis picks up Doom’s metal mask and assumes the role of the New Dr. Doom. Item One on the lesson plan: Destroy the FF once and for all.

The M. of D. explodes onto Marvel’s black-cape scene with a respectful nine.

All the further to fall when Von Doom inevitably kicks his bony keister.

Fantastic Four #567

Creative Team: Story: Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. Art: Cam Smith and three others.