As always, I spent a decent percentage of my time at Wizard World Philadelphia doing commissioned sketches — something I really enjoy doing at conventions.

This one was extra special, though. The owner of the book, Jeff, has been having me add commissions to his book for years now — and at several different conventions. He’s a sketchbook connoisseur — with several books, organized by theme, floating around the convention floor at all times.

This book, I had the honor of beginning and ending. The theme was “Creator-owned,” and all of the sketches inside were of creator-owned characters as drawn by their creators. I opened the book with an illustration of Argus the Gargoyle from Greystone Inn (my first daily comic).

And I closed it with the illustration above, a group shot featuring several Evil Inc cast members along with a whole slew of characters from the book.

It was great fun to do, and since Jeff was kind enough to share a scan with me, I figured I’d share it with you.