Writer Paul Tobin and artist Patrick Scherberger, the creative team that brought us Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil, is gathering once more for Spider-Man and the Secret Wars.

[Newsarama]: …Marvel Comics announced the launch of a new limited series in December focusing on Spider-Man’s adventures during the original Secret Wars crossover …Their new project boasts several untold Spider-Man tales during his time spent kidnapped by the Beyonder alongside a bevy of heroes and villains. Readers can expect to see stories like: Spider-Man, The Thing, and Dr. Doom defending the city of Denver from scores of flesh eating aliens; Spider-Man and The Enchantress versus Galactus, and more.

As you might remember, I was an early fan of Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil — even though I was disappointed in the way it ended.

But they have had a good track record and most of the Doom miniseries was very well done, so I’m actually getting excited over this new series.

Besides, it’s an excellent hook. Tremendous art.

Just write a good ending and nobody gets hurt. 🙂