Ultra Humanite: Just one issue of Power Girl ago, Ultra Humanite was living the very best of the super-villain life. He had Power Girl on the ropes and was the subject of a torrid, little flashback in which he had unwittingly seduced Satanna with all of his gorilla-like charms.

And now, mere weeks later, we find our snowy simeon at the very bottom of the D-list dregs.

Kara’s sound thwarting not only singed every hair off his body and caused skin issues that are going to haunt him for decades to come, but she’s pushed him into a mental psychosis that’s going to have him on a clozapine drip for the foreseeable future. Not that it matters, but clozapine…?)

Probably all for the best. When you get to the stage in villainy when you’re piloting city-sized vessels with tremendous pipe-organs, it’s probably time to throw in the cape. Or become a Bond villain.

But Ultra Humanite has been a significant JSA threat for years, and we all know that any being with that kind of stones can’t remain in the VQ cellar for very long.

And here’s hoping that when he returns, there will be hell to pay.

Or any toupee, really… cause trust me, if you thought UH was ugly with fur…

Title: Power Girl #3

Creative Team:Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, pencils by Amanda Conner.