CBR’s Brian Cronin (whose spectacular book, Was Superman A Spy? is one of the best reads of the summer) is collecting votes to decide the Top 10 Marvel Panels of All Time. He’s narrowed it down to 70. You get to vote for the Top 10.

[CBR]: Here is the list of all the Top 70 Marvel Panels of All-Time. You pick your top ten. Then, in the comments below, you tell me what you think are the top ten iconic panels in your opinion of the choices provided (just the number is fine, but if you want to describe them, go ahead). They don’t have to be in order of most iconic to least iconic – with just 70 panels to choose from I think a straight 1 point per vote is enough, so just listing your ten favorites is fine. Then, and this is the important bit that folks always forget…INCLUDE THE WORD ACBC IN YOUR COMMENT!!!

On August 31st, I’ll reveal the order of the panels – as voted on by YOU!!!