If you’ve noticed the new ads running on the Evil Inc site, you’ve probably already guessed that I’m welcoming a new sponsor! And I have to be honest, I’ve been champing at the bit to unleash these two ads on you guys. I’m ultra-happy with the way they turned out. In case you didn’t notice them, one ad appears to the right and the other one is here.

Check ’em out.

Star Pirates is a text-based browser game in which 23rd-Century whumans live around the solar system, depending on nanobots to keep themselves alive. Life is hard; resources are scarce, and many humans have turned to piracy. You are one of those pirates.

This is brought to you by the same folks who did SpyBattle — a previous sponsor of the site — and, as with SpyBattle, there will be a special “Evil Inc”-themed faction of Star Pirates if you’d like to play!

You will be playing a pirate under the command of Evil Atom (obviously, a parallel-universe Evil Atom) — a character that I will be controlling when I play the game.

And did I mention it’s free?

The game is pretty simple to catch on to. If you get stuck, be sure to read the emails in your Star Pirates Inbox. And take advantage of the friendly Greeters who will e-mail you and ask if you need assistance.

One warning: It’s deceptively addictive. I sign on with my iPhone (easy peasey) to get a quick couple rounds in whenever I have a couple spare moments.

To join the Evil Inc faction, either click on one of the Star Pirates ads on the Evil Inc site, or click here.

See you in the future!