With comic-book legend bringing his three-issue arc to a close in Justice League, DC is already releasing previews of the next JLA book — especially since this next arc will establish a new line-up.

[CBR]: In Superman’s absence, Mon-El and Guardian have been protecting Metropolis from evil-doers – and doing a fine job of it – but good enough to earn membership into the World’s Greatest Heroes Team? [James] Robinson shares details on why the Daxamite explorer and the Science Police officer made the grade, as well as, who’s in and who’s out from those currently on the Justice League’s roster and those appearing in his limited series, “Justice League: Cry for Justice.”

Now, here’s the bad news: It looks as if Plastic Man is not going to be part of the new JLA. In fact, from the looks of the preview, he’s not going to be in shape to so much as pinch hit for the Doom Patrol.