Breaking news from the Diamond Retailers Summit in Baltimore:

[NEWSARAMA]There’s Doom, and then there’s everyone else.

That’s the view from inside the mind of Doom, but it can also be said looking from the outside in at Marvel’s top echelon of villains. Besides the fact that he has appeared more times than any other villain in Marvel. Doom has stood toe-to-toe with not only the Fantastic Four, but Mephisto, Silver Surfer and Galactus… and best of all, he is Stan Lee’s favorite villain. But although he’s the favorite in one of the principal creator’s of the Marvel U, he’s far from it from the heroic inhabitants of that universe.

And in the upcoming Marvel miniseries Doomwar just announced at today’s Baltimore Retailer Summit, the Marvel U is out to get Doom. Long-time adversaries the Fantistic Four join the X-men, Deadpool, and the Wakandans T’Challa, Storm and the new Black Panther to take on Latveria’s supreme ruler. Although this has been a long time coming, recent events such as his involvement in the Cabal as well as the ravaging of Black Panther have put him at the top of a growing assemblage of heroes’ list.

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