Courtesy of Newsarama, here’s a preview of new comics available in comic shops tomorrow.

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #899: The Merc with lots and lots of monthly content is about to add another release to his already robust monthly stable of appearances. “Deadpool Team Up” #899, which is neither a monthly series, nor a factual #899 will see Wade Wilson partner with Hercules. The combo will likely prove disastrous for everyone involved, just the way readers like it. In addition to acting as a play on Marvel’s numerous #600 issues of the past year, the special leads into the upcoming “Deadpool” #900, Marvel’s star-studded parody meant to beat DC’s “Action Comics” to its historic (and actual) 900th issue.

THE TORCH #3: Restored to life by the Thinker’s genius and on the Thinker’s terms, the Torch is now a weapon of mass destruction owned and controlled by A.I.M. And as A.I.M.’s scientists launch him on his murderous mission, the Thinker reveals the true scope of his insane ambition.

X-MEN ORIGINS: ICEMAN: The successful X-Men Origins series continues! In this one-shot, we see the origin of Bobby Drake, A.K.A. Iceman! See the small town beginnings that helped forge the coolest mutant of them all! Written by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa (Stephen King’s “The Stand”) with fan favorite artist Phil Noto! Don’t miss it!

THE GREAT TEN #1: Part 1 of a 10-part miniseries! Join writer Tony Bedard (R.E.B.E.L.S.) and artist Scott McDaniel for an adventure exploring the extraordinary characters from the pages of 52 and Checkmate!
At the dawn of the Chinese Century, the 10 official “super-functionaries” of the People’s Republic face their greatest challenge as the gods of Ancient China return to destroy communist rule! Will the most populous nation on Earth drag the rest of the world down with it? Do its heroes even want to save a government that treats them like pawns? Don’t miss this tale that redraws the map of the DCU and fleshes out the most exciting and mysterious new characters from the mind of Grant Morrison! Featuring a gorgeous cover by rising artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #610: Peter Parker’s past collides with his future! Can Peter Parker save his family and himself?! Webhead stalwart Marc Guggenheim and rising star Marco Chechetto bring you the rollicking conclusion of “Who Was Ben Reilly?”

FATHOM #9: The world is literally falling down around the Hagia Sophia and the meeting of the world leaders and the Blue! With the Black’s arrival and the all-out chaos that ensues, Aspen, Cannon, Siphon, and the Blue allies must make a stand for not only mankind, but the very fate of the planet. However, the combined might of Aspen, the Blue, and the humans may not be enough to stop the incoming force led by a surprise visitor in this thrilling penultimate issue! Brought to you by the same great creative team of artist Ale Garza, writer J.T. Krul, inker Sal Regla and colorist John Starr.

BLACK WIDOW: DEADLY ORIGIN #1: Before she steals the world’s heart in Iron Man II, get caught in the wicked web of Marvel’s sexiest and deadliest super-spy! She’s been everything from a Russian espionage agent to a Champion to an Avenger, now a skeleton from Natalia Romanova’s past is reaching out for those she’s loved and lost…and the Black Widow has many victims to choose from! From the frozen streets of Moscow to the upper stratosphere, writer Paul Cornell and artists Tom Raney and John Paul Leon (The Winter Men) deliver a globe-hopping, bone-breaking, high-tech thriller that reveals how Natalia’s shadowy past threatens all she now holds dear. Guest-starring the Winter Soldier and Wolverine!

DEATHLOK #1: Marvel’s ultimate cyborg is back in this 7-issue Marvel Knights limited series written by Charlie Huston and breathtakingly illustrated by Lan Medina. In the not-too-distant future, war is a spectator sport, warriors die hard and live fast, and living larger than anyone is super-soldier Lieutenant Mike Travers. That is, until Travers hotdogs it on the battlefield and gets himself and his C.O., Luther Manning, blown to bits. The show must go on. Enter: Deathlok the Demolisher!

PSYLOCKE #1: Psylocke has returned to the X-Men! Following the defeat of Madelyne Pryor and her Sisterhood, Psylocke travels to Japan to re-inter her former body in its proper resting place. But when a swarm of Hand ninjas attack Psylocke and do the unspeakable under orders from Matsu’o””the assassin originally responsible for transplanting Psylocke’s mind into the body of an Asian ninja””Psylocke determines that Matsu’o is one loose end that can no longer be left unresolved. It’s a tale of carnage and revenge, brought to you by superstars Chris Yost and Harvey Tolibao!

ASTONISHING X-MEN #32: The X-Men have fought towering, mutant-slaying robot Sentinels before. But never one quite like this. Never a Sentinel made of meat and bone, wearing the skin of one of their own deceased teammates, every technological aspect given a biological solution. And as the X-Men fight for their lives, they’re left to wonder: What could this monstrosity have to do with the Brood?

CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN #4: Steve Rogers, the original Captain America – trapped in time! Bucky and Sharon Carter – in the hands of the enemy! As Dr. Doom and the Red Skull make a terrifying pact that could destroy what Captain America means forever! Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch bring you the penultimate issue of Marvel’s event of the year!

X-MEN VS. AGENTS OF ATLAS #2: The brawl under San Francisco just gets bigger as more mutants arrive to face the Atlas Foundation! Then things take a turn for the weird as the original five X-Men face off with the 1950’s Agents of Atlas! All the strangest heroes make for the strangest battle.

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #4 : Ultimate Spider-Man faces off with Mysterio! It’s brutal, it’s bloody and it’s one of the biggest Spidey fights of the year! PLUS: Events in Kitty Pryde’s life create a situation for Peter Parker that you have never ever ever seen in a Spidey title before!

…And from CBR

GREEK STREET #5: In the shattering conclusion to “Blood Calls for Blood,” our runaway hero Eddie finally comes face-to-face with Sandy and wonders (like the rest of us), can she really see the future or is she just crazy? One member of the cast may have to die for that question to be answered…

PROJECT SUPER POWERS: CHAPTER 2 #4: The Superpowers continue to battle one of their own in the continuing adventures of Dynamite’s powerful superhero odyssey! Overseen by Alex Ross and written by Jim Krueger, artist Edgar Salazar continues to sizzle and issue #3 also features the painted – by Doug Klauba – origin sequence (2 BIG pages) of The Flame!

THE BOYS #36: Mother’s Milk’s story concludes with a bang, as we find out the nature of the debt he owes Butcher and see him bear witness to a great American tragedy. Hughie gets another view of The Boys’ mission, one he hadn’t considered before, in part two of Nothing Like It In The World.