How can I not point out a review of Evil Inc Annual Report volumes one and two that opens like this:

Evil Inc. is one of those strips that I always wanted to get into. A ridiculously long Google Reader’s worth of webcomics always drove me away from it’s daunting archives and rich, deep cast of characters. When March’s Webcomics Weekend provided me with not only the chance to jump on board the good ship Evil but also to meet The Nicest Guy In Webcomics in person, I dove head first at both opportunities. That, plus Steve, a long-time Guigar supporter, noted that if I didn’t meet the man himself, I would be missing out on meeting a true webcomic luminary. Good call, Steve.

In all seriousness, the review of both books is even-handed and fair.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m the Nicest Guy in Webcomics. 🙂

Read the entire review.