Amazing Spider-Man #611

Creative team: Story by Joe Kelly; Art by Eric Canete

Villain to Watch: Lady Stilt-Man

They say: Deadpool-Man, Deadpool-Man – does whatever a Deadpool can…spins a web any size – but not really…Deadpool’s don’t have webs.

Look out! Here comes the Deadpool-Man! What force on Earth has brought the Merc with a Mouth and the Webheaded Wonder closer together than Quesada and Twitter? And how does it tie to the upcoming Spider story The Gauntlet?! And finally – WHO IS LADY STILT-MAN?!

I say: If Deadpool hadn’t been enough to bring me back to this title — I was giving it a good, old-fashioned Amish shunning when that Clone Saga nonesense started up again — then “Lady Stilt-Man” cinched the deal.

Yes, I’m putting this on the Pull List despite that ham-handed line about “Quesada and Twitter.” You’re pushing it with that lame crap, guys. Watch it.

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Deadpool #17

Creative team: Story by Daniel Way; Art by Paco Medina

Villain to Watch: The Merc with a Mouth

They say: Somebody might want to check on whether hell has just frozen over, because guess what…? Deadpool has just joined the X-Men!

I say: I’m thisclose to declaring Deadpool oversaturation. Put Deadpool joining the uncanny X-Men? Sorry. I just can’t leave that one on the shelf.

His application for membership (was that in X-Men Utopia?) was priceless — with Wolverine convincing Cyclops that it would be easier to keep tabs on the merc if they just accept him into the fold. Now Deadpool’s an official member of the Uncanny Ones (with a uniform he designed himself), and that’s gonna mean some darned interesting times for the House of Xavier.

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Green Lantern Corps #42

Creative team: Story by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman

Villain to Watch: Black Lantern Corps

They say: The Green Lanterns’ epic fight to preserve Oa and the Central Power Battery from being consumed by the Black Lanterns continues. While the Corps faces the most desperate moment in its entire history, a new threat materializes that will shake them to their very souls.

I say: I’m starting to go a little lukewarm on the title. Blackest Night has been dragging on for much longer that I would have liked. But the art has been solid — even if I’m losing my enthusiasm for the story. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in the solicitation, though. Usually when someone gets shaken to their very souls, it’s just a signal that Act Two is nearing it’s apex, and the long slog home is about to begin. Then we can get back to the storytelling that brought us all to the DCU in the first place.

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Strange #1

Creative team: Story by Mark Waid; Art by Emma Rios

Villain to Watch: Unknown

They say: No longer Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, Stephen Strange must discover a new path to fulfillment and enlightenment. Unfortunately, that path leads through a bizarre, terrifying gauntlet of magical menaces–and if the former Master of the Mystic Arts is going to survive the journey, he’ll need some assistance–in the form of a brand-new student!

I say: As I said last week, I’ve decided that I’m officially against the whole Dr. Voodoo thing. I want to see Stephen Strange reinstated as the official Sorcerer Supreme. I’m serious. That “Juju” comment in Marvel Divas really frosted me. I’ll be eyeing this issue very closely to see some hints of a comeback for the Leopard-Gloved One. In all seriousness, though, a Dr. Strange who seek redemption could reinvigorate this staid member of the Marvel Universe. And the sooner the better.

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X-Babies #2

Creative team: Story by Gregg Schigiel; Art by Jason Chabot

They say: Where were you when the Stars returned?

Planet Terry! Wally Wizard! Royal Roy! All in this issue.

Plus: X-Babies in space and X-Babies versus…The Alpha-Bot!! Punching, Clawing, Blasting, Bamfing, Dancing, Magic and more…ALL in 32 fun-filled pages!

I say: The spectacular team of Gregg Schigiel and Jason Chabot returns for the second issue of the intriguing X-Babies series.

I jumped into the first issue looking for something different, and I’m definitely in for the next. The hook on this story looks pretty decent, too, with a number of pop-culture callbacks to classic ‘toon icons like Planet Terry.

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Honorable mentions: Comic Book Comics #4; We Kill Monsters #5; Batgirl #4; Batman and Robin #6; Dark X-Men #1

… And One To Pass…

Female Force #9 — Stephenie Meyer

Creative team: Story by Ryan Burton; Art by Ryan Howe

Villain to Watch: Bluewater Productions

They say: Just in time for the theatrical release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Bluewater brings you Female Force: Stephenie Meyer! Named USA Today’s ‘Author of the Year’ in 2008, this author is responsible for ushering in a new wave in vampire fiction. From her beginnings in Connecticut and Utah, to her fame and fortune as today’s hottest author, witness her story as being told by the most famous vampire of them all! Also available in a Bonus Graphic Novel Edition, featuring the history of Twilight setting Forks, WA and other bonus material not found anywhere else.

I say: Y’know. After trashing Female Force: Oprah, I decided I was going to stop bashing these Bluewater Production bio-comics. I mean. There have got to be other stinkers on the shelf worth warning innocent readers about, right? So, I made the decision: No more Bluewater comics. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Then I see this weeks offering: the life of the woman who wrote the Twilight series of novels. Just in time for the next Twilight movie.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Dishonorable Mention: Batman Doc Savage Special #1; Booster Gold #26