Marvel Comics baddie, Nightmare, pulled double duty last week, appearing in two unrelated titles concurrently, vying for two different goals.

He was paired with Arcade in Deadpool Team-Up (a nightmare in itself), battling Herc and the Merc.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Voodoo, he was using the neophyte doc to gain entrance into our poor, defenseless dimension.

Not only were his motives different in each book, but his overall look and voice were polar opposites. In Deadpool he appeared as a ghostly apparition (left), materializing behind Arcade for a little expository goodness and then disappearing for the duration of the tale.

In Voodoo, he (right) was closer to his traditional characterization, the seething, plotting, otherworldly demon.

It’s enough to make a fanboy dizzy. That is, unless he has a handy scorecard…

(Deadpool Team-Up
(Dr. Voodoo
Classic Victorian Gentleman
Classic Steve Ditko
Slimy, disgusting third-stringer (Arcade)

Slimy, disgusting "Psychlodermic Mindphibian"

Embodiment of Deadpool’s inner voices
Daimon Hellstrom
Gary Oldman in "Dracula"
David Bowie in "Labyrinth"

Revenge for Hercules’ part on the war with the Skrull gods

Use Daimon Hellstrom to trick Voodoo into freeing Nightmare
Disappears before Arcade falls to ubiquitous defeat

Gains Dr. Voodoo’s mystic staff. And freedom.

"Only by combining the left brain and the right brain aspects of our powers shall we…"
Oddball phrase

"My heart could just explode."

A Tijuana postcard to Amadeus Cho from Herc and Deadpool
Special bonus feature

Dr. Strange remembers the history of Dr. Voodoo