Lady Stilt-Man: Making her debut appearance in the rollicking Spider-Man #611, Lady Stilt-Man called Web Head an “insect” and roared that a “new age in crime” had dawned.

VQ has seen worse. But not much worse.

Unfortunately, when she insisted her nom de guerre was an homage, Spider-Man quipped:

*Snort* You just used “homage” and really meant it. God, I hope someone puts that up on ViewTube. You’ll be the next “Photobombing Squirrel.”

Fantastic Four #5 it wasn’t.

And, unfortunately, our antagonist’s premiere caper hit the skids from there, as she stepped onto a mock shoe attached to the top of a shoe-repair-company truck.

…Which was still a better step than the next — directly into a manhole (its cover removed courtesy of guest-starring Deadpool). The Amiable Arachnid tried to cheer her up, but it was no use. He acknowledged as much: “The first one hurts the most.

So Lady Stilt-Man debuts at a humble 1 on the VQ scale. But I really hope we haven’t seen the last of her. And when she returns, here’s hoping she leverages those gangly gams into a better VQ rating for herself.

I, for one, will not be surprised in the least to see it, either.

After all, nothing beats a great pair of legs.

Title: Amazing Spider-Man #611

Story: Joe Kelly
Art: Eric Canete