A bonus Courting Disaster question this week…

A reader writes… Q: I’ve been contacted by a woman. She had an Internet relationship with a co-worker of mine and saw me in his pictures (tagged and linked to my blog). She swears she is interested in me, however his name pops up quite frequently, in a hateful way, she does not let go of his memory, they ended quite badly.

While so far I’ve trusted her version, it seems to me that she is only getting close to me to find a way to hurt him.

She clearly expressed that she wants to have sex with me, however I am reluctant to continue as I’d rather not have sex with a person that is using me to hurt a friend of mine. What would you advise? Whenever I try to raise the subject she says I misinterpreted her, says that she loves me and starts spicing the conversation in a sexual way.

Don’t answer here… go on over to the CD site and offer some advice.