When I launched Greystone Inn, I put all of the strips for that week into a folder slugged Week 1. The next week’s folder was Week 2. It was a habit that just kind of persisted. It helped me stay organized, and, since it didn’t have any real drawbacks, I just continued doing so.

When I ended Greystone Inn and launched Evil Inc, I continued my numbering system (instead of starting the first week of Evil Inc at Week 1).

Believe it or not, the strips that you’re reading this week are on my computer in a folder slugged Week 500.

And, since I’ve been doing six strips a week, that means Saturday’s comic will mark my 3,000th comic strip (not counting the ones I did for Courting Disaster and Phables).

For the record, the 260 Courting Disaster strips and the 97 Phables comics brings the grand total to 3,357.

But who’s counting?