There are a lot of great new features that come with this dandy new site design — and there are more to come.

But while everything has that new-site smell, take a minute to look around.


Directly under the comic is a link to the Comments section. This is a big improvement over the previous site. It’s easy, quick and painless to start or join a conversation about the day’s strip.

Place a bookmark

I love this. If you’re reading through the archives and want to save your place, click TAG PAGE under the “Place a Bookmark” header at the top of the left-hand column. Next time you come back to the tag, click GO TO TAG, and, presto — you’re back to where you left off!

The store

Getting my online store up and running is my top priority. In the meantime, if you’d like to buy a book, order a commission, or just throw dollar bills my way, hit the e-mail link above the comic (it looks like an envelope… get it?) and we’ll find a way to make that happen.

There’s more to come. And some things you can see need to be cleaned-up. For example, the storyline dropdown is once again functional. But I have to go through a couple thousand strips and organize them into chapters. So, that’s going to take a couple days before it’s completely useful. The About page is going to get an overhaul, too.

In the meantime, give the new site a test drive. There’s more ways to enjoy the strip — which is significantly bigger on the new layout — and more ways to get involved in the world of Evil Inc!