I wanted to make sure you had an an opportunity to participate in the Kickstarter campaign for my new book, The Webcomics Handbook, before it ends in a few days.

If you ever wanted a digital copt of the classic How To Make Webcomics book that I co-wrote along with Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Kris Straub, you now have opportunities to snag one — and they’re not available anywhere else! Just pledge at the $29-, $46- or $60-tier and it’s yours!

Also, I’ve made available some rare copies of the original HTMW that are signed by all four authors. I have only ten of them, and they’re available at the $90 level.

This Kickstarter is launching not only the new book, but it’s also bringing back a couple episodes of Webcomics Weekly (maybe three, if we can hit $25K) and launching a new podcast interview series in which I’m going to sit down with some of the best in Webcomics and pick their brains.

It comes to an end on July 18. If you want some of these cool rewards, your time is running out.