Chicago Comic Con: Sat., Aug. 10, 4-5:30 p.m.

More than ever, aspiring cartoonists are looking towards the Web as a means of distribution and business. But does your comic really have what it takes to be successful online? Webcomics pioneer Brad Guigar, founder of, co-author of the book How To Make Webcomics, and author of the upcoming Webcomics Handbook is offering his popular Webcomics Bootcamp for aspiring webcartoonists.

Sign up to get a personal, one-on-one consultation (30 min – 1 hour) of your webcomic from the top down using the button below (spaces are limited). Then plan to attend the public Webcomics Bootcamp panel in which Brad will discuss — in general terms — ten ways anyone can improve their webcomic right now. These will be tips and techniques that you can apply as soon as you get home and see immediate results.

Cost of the one-on-one consultation is $49.99. It will be a private consultation scheduled during the weekend. All participants will get a copy of the classic “How To Make Webcomics” book. Participants will be asked to provide a contact email address and their comic’s Web site.