Guigar_ringtoneBe the first webcomics geek on your block to own not one but THREE Guigar laugh ringtones!

Ever since I started doing the Webcomics Weekly podcast, people have walked up to me at comic conventions and told me that they’d totally buy a ringtone of my laugh.

It seemed kinda silly, but when we were making a list of rewards for the Kickstarter to fund The Webcomics Handbook, we threw it in.

It got such a big response that once my backers got theirs, I’d have to offer it to a wider release. And that time is now.

So here it is. Four ringtones of my laughs from Webcomics Weekly — including two versions of the laugh from the infamous “Laugh Track” episode of Webcomics Weekly in which a computer error looped my live feed to hysterical effect. One of the ‘tones includes Kris Straub’s incredulous reaction (“What the hell is that?!”), and the other is a pure loop of the laugh itself.

For each ringtone, you get two files — an m4r for iPhone users and an mp3 for Android and Blackberry people.

Buy yours today.