Comic ChameleonGreat news for those of you who like to read Evil Inc on your mobile device: You can now get Your Favorite Strip on the Comic Chameleon app!

Here’s why this is important news.

As you may know, this comic is my full-time job. And as such, I have to be very careful of the revenue that’s created from people reading the strip. If you read it on my Web site, I’m getting paid through the ads that appear on the site. If you download the monthly comic book, I get paid directly through that transaction. If you buy a book… well, you get the picture.

There are several “comic readers,” sites and apps that swipe my comic from the RSS feed and deliver it to their readers — and sometimes these folks run ads on their sites (which get traffic by using my work).

Comic Chameleon is one of the few apps that offers a revenue share to the creators of the comics it runs on its service. In other words, they’re one of the Good Guys. And if you read comics by app, you should be using an app like Comic Chameleon — which you can get as a free download from the App Store.

And here’s another reason to love Comic Chameleon: The reading experience on a small screen is excellent. It’s a panel-by-panel interface that plays perfectly for a strip like mine. It’s just a great way to read comics on a smartphone. Oh… and you’ll find some of the very best webcomics on the app as well — Chainsawsuit, Girls With Slingshots… the whole nine yards.

I would humbly ask that  you’d only read Evil Inc through approved sites and apps.  It’s really the only way we webcartoonists have to compete. Every last reader counts. So do your part. Be a conscientious consumer.

And for my part of the bargain, I promise to continue to bring you a site that updates consistently with engaging storylines, good art, fun discussion and an interesting blog. The bad puns I throw in for free.

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