Part of my Kickstarter campaign for the Webcomics Handbook was to offer one-on-one consultations with creators via Skype. I would research their comic and their Web site and prepare a PDF dossier on what I saw, including elements like their social media presence, merchandise, etc. It would be a comprehensive look at what they were doing as a webcartoonist.

Participants received this dossier, and then we’d schedule a one-on-one Skype meeting to discuss my findings. I offered constructive criticism as well as advice, ideas for improvement and workshopped strategy. Finally, the sessions ended with the cartoonist directing the discussion, asking questions, follow-ups and sharing concerns.

These consultations have been overwhelmingly positive experiences, so I decided to continue beyond the Kickstarter.

If you would like to do a one-on-one consultation with me, the breakdown is as follows:

Analysis and one-on-one Skype consultation

The analysis itself is $100. And then the consultation is $100 per hour, with the first 0-60 minutes charged at a flat $100. For every 15 minutes after the first hour, time is accrued at $25. You’d pay upfront for the analysis plus the first hour. And then I would bill you for any time we went over that hour.

Skype consultation only

If you would like to skip the analysis and go right for the one-on-one conversation, the time is charged the same: $100 upfront, plus $25 for every 15 minutes after the first hour (billed afterwards). However, I will be coming into the conversation without having completed research on your comic. It will be up to you to direct the conversation.

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