Bourse Building

The Hussian School of Art is located on the second floor of Philadelphia’s historic Bourse Building.

When I transitioned to full-time cartooning in April of 2012, I mentioned that one of the things I wanted to do that I didn’t previously have the time to pursue was teaching at the college level. Eighteen months later, I have some very good news to share.

In January, I will be teaching a senior-level course on Arts Entrepreneurship at Hussian School of Art. Located in Philadelphia’s historic Bourse Building, Hussian is a private vocational school for graphic design and commercial art.

For a long time now, I’ve argued (sometimes loudly on Webcomics Weekly) that art schools need to do a better job of preparing their students for the Real World they’re being thrust into. And that means an overwhelming probability of freelance work and running a small business centered around one’s craft — not the studio jobs and staff positions that were prevalent decades ago. In short, it’s not enough to teach a student to draw or design. To really serve the students, an art school needs to teach them entrepreneurship.

Now I get to back up those words with action. And I’m super excited to have the chance to do exactly that at Hussian.Hussian School of Art