As you know, I’m an independent cartoonist using the Web as the primary distribution for my work. I don’t work under a syndicate, and I don’t have an employer in the traditional sense. Actually. You’re my employer. You and a few thousand others who stop by and read the comic on a regular basis.

Thank you, by the way. You’re the best bosses I ever had.

And in the same way a good employee doesn’t want to do anything to tick off his or her boss, I need some information.

You see, I use social media, like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, as the primary means of publicizing and promoting my work. Its the most effective means I have of growing my small business. And Facebook has long yielded the best results. I have a Facebook Fan Page for Evil Inc called Evil Inc Henchpeople. The comic is posted there regularly, as are features such as “This Day in Evil Inc History.” I post secret codes for discounts on Evil Inc merchandise from time to time, too. And little asides and background information. It’s actually a great place to get an expanded view of the Evil Inc universe and converse with other readers.

Screenshot 2014-01-14 09.00.39And that’s where I need your advice. See, Facebook works like this: It has an algorhythm called Edgerank that tries to determine what you want to see in your news feed. You don’t ever see everything that your Facebook friends post. You increase the probability of seeing a friend’s post by liking, sharing and commenting on them. That’s why you’re always hit with “Jimmy invited you to like his Page, Jimmy’s Gym Jam.”

And I hate hate hate getting those invitations.

But I’m a curmudgeon — given to fits of crotchetiness that would make your head swim.

The important thing is this: Do you hate them?

‘Cause I’m telling you right now, I’d really like to expand the reach of that Facebook page. But it’s going to take people “liking” that page. And that means inviting them to “like” the page. See the dilemma.

So I started a poll on And I got some good feedback. But now I want yours. It’s a one-question poll below, and I’d love for you to participate: