plus2logoWell, after my sophomore attempt at stand-up comedy (you can hear it detailed on this episode of Plus-Two Comedy), I finally steeled myself for another trip to the microphone. And since I didn’t stink too badly, I’m happy to share it with you.

This was a nice event — put on by a couple of really excellent comedians. It was a comedy showcase stage in the back of a gaming room at Jester’s Playhouse, an awesome comic shop in Northfield, N.J. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling mix-up, there was a gaming event taking place in the same room that caused a constant background murmur throughout the show. That wasn’t optimal. And the audience was… intimate. But the comedians were top-notch, and the experience was one that I’d gladly do all over again.

So here it is, an expanded 10-minute monologue from Your Favorite Cartoonist. If you’re a longtime reader of Courting Disaster and/or Tales from the Con, you just might hear some familiar phrases.