In case you don’t follow me on Twitter (or if you haven’t Liked the Facebook page for Evil Inc), you may have missed that I helped launch the first-ever Patreon-exclusive podcast, Surviving Creativity, with Scott Kurtz and business manager Cory Casoni. In fact, we just uploaded our second episode and it’s a doozy.

Patreon-backer-panelIn our first episode, we spoke with Patreon creator Jack Conte. And hearing him speak so passionately about this project made me want to jump in and see if I could apply what he was talking about to my own comic.

So here’s the deal. First off, absolutely nothing is changing about Evil Inc. I’ll still be doing a daily comic strip, and you’ll still be able to read it at

But, now you’ll be able to sign up to support the comic directly through Patreon.

It works like this: You set a pledge level, and every month I create daily comics, your account is charged at the amount you set. You can even set a cap amount to ensure you never get charged for more than what you expect.*

Patreon-bonusAnd the more you pledge, the more rewards you’ll receive. Here’s a breakdown:

  • $1/month: Cool backers-only activity feed with behind-the-scenes photos, work in progress and coupon codes.
  • $5/month: Everything above PLUS a free subscription to the monthly Evil Inc digital comic.
  • $10/month: Everything above PLUS access to a weekly, exclusive hour-long video hangout.
  • $20/month: Everything above PLUS you get entered to win a monthly raffle for the original art to an Evil Inc comic strip — your choice, based on availability! AND every time I print a new graphic novel, you get one free (plus shipping charges outside the U.S.).

Sound interesting? Go sign up now!

This is a work in progress so if you want higher reward levels — or is you have any ideas for cool rewards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


* The Pledge Cap is really for creators who don’t do daily content. For example, at Surviving Creativity, our backers are charged every time we post a new podcast. It’s a weekly show but we could conceivable post more than that. Your donation cap would prevent you from getting charged more than you’re comfortable with in that scenario.