Earlier this month, I launched a Patreon page for this comic. It’s a way for me to offer cool rewards to the people who support my work on this comic.

The response has been great, and I want to keep that ball rolling by reminding you of some cool opportunities — a few of which won’t be offered after a few days.

Free copies of all the 2013 Evil Inc Monthly eComics

 Up through April 30, everyone who signs up to be a Patreon supporter of Evil Inc will get access to download all of the 2013 Evil Inc eComics. This is a great way to read the daily comic on your tablet. And it includes all of the monthly bonus material, too.

More original art

Originally, the plan was to offer a monthly lottery for original art (your choice — based on availability), but it’s been such a popular feature that I decided to make it a weekly lottery for original art! That’s for anybody who pledges at the $20/month (or more) level! (Pssst… now’s the time to join… your odds are very good!) I pull the winner’s name during the live video hangout (available at the $10/month and higher levels).

More free stuff

At and above the $20 level, you get a free copy of any new Evil Inc merchandise. I realize that the Tales From The Con that I write for Emerald City Comicon isn’t Evil Inc merchandise, but I got my hands on a bunch of copies of the exclusive variant-cover edition of the comic book that collects the first batch of those comics in print, so I made sure my Patreon backers at those levels got coupon codes to get their copies for free! All they have to do is cover shipping!

More Evil Inc content

I’m working on crushing the bugs on this, but my plan is to turn that weekly Evil Inc hangout into a weekly podcast/vidcast. I want to do a kind of weekly talk show featuring my readers/supporters. Sign up at the $10 level (or higher) and help shape this thing. I think it could be loads of fun. Plus, if you’re doing something cool on the Web, we’ll even plug it!

More visibility

Patreon-LeagueSpeaking of people doing cool things on the Web, be sure to check out the $50 level. At that level, you’ll get a special button at the top of this blog that identifies you as a Patreon supporter of the highest degree — and links to your own site/social media/etc. (based on approval, of course). At the right is a quick look at how it’s going to be positioned on the site.