Inkster-mockup-caity1Years ago, I had a T-shirt design printed based on the acronym, VILF, which was how Desdemona was referred to the first time she was introduced into the strip.

It stands for “Villain I’d Like to … Foil.”

You have such a dirty mind.

The T-shirt was quite popular, but I was never able to keep up with having the shirts silkscreened — and those heat-transfer print-on-demand shirts had some major quality issues.


Enter direct-to-garment printing. It’s kinda like an inkjet printer for clothes but with top-quality inks and fantastic print resolution. They stand toe-to-toe with silkscreen, but they can be ordered on a print-on-demand basis. The shirts are made from high-quality 100% ring-spun cotton.

Inkster Inc is a new company in Philadelphia that specializes in this kind of printing, and I’ve partnered with them to bring back the VILF shirt. And if that goes well, there are more to come.

Go get yours right now. This shirt is guarantees to get second looks.

Meanwhile, hit the comments and tell me what kind of design you’d like to see next.