Ninjavitis_Inkster-mockup-dylanI’ve been wanting to do T-shirts for years, but between not having the time/money for silkscreening and disliking the quality of heat-transfer shirts, I was kinda stuck. I’m really excited about partnering with Inkster Inc to do high-quality, direct-to-garment-printed T-shirts.

And this is the next T-shirt that’s been rumbling around in my head.

It’s based on an oldie but a goodie.


Get yours right now!

Now — aside from shirts featuring the emblems of Captain Heroic and Miss Match — here are three designs that I had on my drawing board back in the day. I’ve long since lost the original files, but if you guys have strong feelings about one of them, I’d happily re-work it.

So… do any of these strike your fancy?

Or is there a punchline from a favorite strip that you think would be a great T-shirt?

Let me know in the comments below!

Henchman copy

Thwart copy