I shared a few Artist Edition photos and the Artist-Edition-reward pledges for my Kickstarter campaign for the next Evil Inc graphic novel skyrocketed for the day.

And Momma Guigar didn’t raise no fool.

So, here’s the deal…

An Artist Edition book is part of a special numbered, limited run of books in which I draw a special illustration inside the book (usually in the inside front cover) just for you. Each Artist Edition book is signed and numbered. There will be only 250 AE books produced for each Evil Inc title.

Below are a couple recent Artist Edition sketches that I’ve sent out.

If you buy them from the Evil Inc store, you can even suggest an illustration! For the Kickstarter, I can’t make any promises. (But, heck, if you’re reading this, you’re a “regular” so if you drop me a friendly note, I’m sure we can work something out!)


ArtistEdition_20140527a ArtistEdition_20140527