Since launching my Patreon page in March, I’ve posted a metric ton of coupons, free merchandise and bonus cartoons. Here’s a quick “by-the-numbers” recap:


Members at the $5 level and higher have received a free copy of the Evil Inc digital comic at the beginning of every month. This monthly eComic releases all of the upcoming strips for the month in one, tablet-friendly PDF — a total of six eComics since March. Including bonus content, that’s a total of 217 pages of comics!


I’ve posted nineteen bonus cartoons since June. This includes three prototype strips from a spin-off to Evil Inc that I’ve been considering.

Here’s one of the more recent bonus cartoons:


Members at different pledge levels have received a total of eight offers for free merchandise* including free copies of the Tales from the Con comic book; digital copies of Evil Inc Annual Report volumes 1, 2 and 3; a poster (Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Supervillains); The Complete Greystone Inn (digital edition); Courting Disaster Vol. 4 (digital edition).

* In some cases, members were asked to cover a small Shipping & Handling fee.


Eight pieces of original art have been awarded. (In some cases, the recipients are in the process of choosing their art.)


I’ve posted seven sketches and/or scans from my sketchbook. These have included special sneak previews of upcoming strips with the lettering removed to avoid spoilers.


In cases in which I offered free merchandise to higher tiers, I made sure backers at lower tiers got a discount on the same merchandise. This has happened twice, so far.

All in all, I’m super proud of what my backers are getting in return for supporting my work through Patreon. And for as little as one dollar a month, you can help me build that support even further — and get some really cool stuff in the process.