Consider this another proof-of-concept podcast. We recorded this one on the drive to school using my new Simple Lav microphone plugged into my iPhone (running the 99¢ Audio Memos app). I tell you this because I’m hoping one of you audiophiles can help me dampen the background noise in future podcast — if we decide to keep doing these this way.

Superman vs Batman

My two sons (ages 12 and 8) take the debate beyond the lame “who would win in a fight” potboiler. We get down to the nitty gritty… which is the better superhero? And the answers they come up with are way more complex than I was prepared for.

The boys are really enjoying recording the podcast — and reading the reactions on Twitter, Facebook, etc. So if you’d like to hear them address a specific topic or if you have a show idea, please hit the comments below.

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