Hey Comics Kids podcast logoYesterday morning, on our drive to school, I told the boys that Sony Pictures was rumored to be in talks with Marvel Studios over possibly selling Spider-Man movie rights to the House of M.

That kicked off a rollicking conversation that not even a raging case of hiccups (poor Max) could quell! Sure, having webhead — and his formidable rouges gallery — would be terrific. But does Marvel Studios really need Spider-Man when they can produce deep-catalog hits like Guardians of the Galaxy?!

Robert Downey Jr. confirmed an Iron Man 4 this week. And then denied it. But we have it on good authority that Avengers 3 (2018) will be his final appearance as Tony Stark / Iron Man no matter what.

Would Spider-Man rights help Marvel transition past “Phase 3” of their cinematic universe?

Or should they build another franchise around someone like, say, Dr. Strange?

Could the Defenders replace the Avengers?!

And what does this mean for the Micronauts?!?

The mind boggles. Delightfully.

Oh! And, thanks to the U.S. Army Blues Band, we now have theme music!

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