285>_10021431Last night, I had the amazing experience of being a guest on the Black Tribbles podcast. If you’re familiar with the Philadelphia Geek Awards (and you should be) then you know these folks as the winners of the Streaming Project of the Year Award.

I met Len “Bat Tribble” Webb a while back when he interviewed me on the floor of Wizard World Philadelphia.

Last night, I was invited out to the G-town Radio studio, where Black Tribbles is recorded Thursday nights at 9 p.m., and got to spend two hours talking comics with three of the finest geeks in Philly — Len, Randy Green and Erik Mack.

We opened with a slate of superhero-movie news — DC’s announcement of movies through 2020 — and dissected both Gotham and Agents of SHIELD on TV. And, of course, we talked a bunch about me… including Evil Inc, the new Hey Comics — Kids! podcast I’m doing with my boys, and the Top 5 Halloween costumes I’d like to see my wife in.

Although you can catch their show live every Thursday night at nine (eastern), they release every episode (including this one) as a podcast.