Hey Comics Kids podcast logoWhen your 8-year-old wakes you up in the morning by singing (to the tune of the Frozen song) “Do you wanna make a podcaaaaaaaaast?” … you know you’re gonna be talking movies.

Right after you get a cup of coffee.

This morning, on our drive to school, we decided to talk about Halloween movies. Many of the titles we watched can be found in last week’s Halloween movies round-up on the Evil Inc Web site.

We discussed all the greats — Plan 9 From Outer Space, Hotel Transylvania, Nosferatu, Monster Squad, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mad Monster Party and more! And the last three minutes of the show had me laughing so hard, I had to pull the car over. It’s priceless.

One quick thing: We started this podcast as something fun — and that’s what it is. But the number of downloads this show earns is hard to believe. And I’ve been doing the Internet thing for long enough to know to strike while the iron is hot. So I’m setting up a Patreon account for anybody who wants to support the show. I’m not telling the boys about it because I don’t want them to feel bad if it doesn’t fly. I want this to be a genuine good time for them. Rest assured, the money will go into an account earmarked for their education. And we’re going to keep recording it anyway because it makes our drive to school so danged fun.

You can support the show for as little as $1 per podcast. And you can set a monthly limit that you’re comfortable with. ‘Nuff said.

As always, thanks to the U.S. Army Blues Band for our theme music!

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