If you’re a regular reader of Evil Inc, then you’re already intimately familiar with the potent creative powers of Ed Ryzowski. He has been doing the colouring of my daily strip since waaaaay back in 2008, when he first approached me after hearing me talk about how badly I’d like to add color to my strip on an episode of Webcomics Weekly.

Well, Ed has a new project that was launched last night that you’re going to be eager to sink your teeth into. Season of the SHARK is a new creator-owned title that he’s introducing along with collaborator Jeff Dabu. I mean… just LOOK at it!

47e9a7e2fd6794f95bae4d6ee4968a33_largeGorgeous, right? And, let’s be honest, you didn’t expect any less from the likes of Ed.

So, it’s a forgone conclusion that this comic is going to be a non-stop thrill-ride for your eyes. And you’re going to want to tell all your friends that you were on long before all the band-wagoneers.

So here’s what you do. Support their Kickstarter campaign to launch this bad boy. They’ve got some truly awesome rewards to make you glad you did. But the biggest reward is going to be your opportunity to read this tremendous comic  and support a couple of worthy creators.

Why are you still reading?