I’m excited to introduce you to a new member of the Evil Inc team.

As I mentioned last month, Ed Ryzowski, who has colored Evil Inc since 2008, has moved on to his own creator-owned property, Season of the S.H.A.R.K. His final strip appeared on Jan. 2, 2015.

That left me searching for a new colorist to fill a substantial void. After looking at several portfolios, I’ve found someone whose work knocks me on my keister. And I’m thrilled to kick off this first full week of the new year with her first Evil Inc strip.

If you’re not familiar with Alex Heberling’s work in webcomics, it’s high time you fixed that. Her comic, The Hues, is about a group of teenage girls who discover their powers just a little too late. The Big Bad is already here, and they have only a rudimentary grasp of their powers. Their ability to succeed hinges on the mysterious Jouchi — who may have the answers they seek about how to take their home back from the aliens.  It’s one of those rare comics that’s both beautifully drawn and written in a style that will glue you to your seat. I’ll just save you the trouble and point you to her Patreon now. You’ll thank me later.

I’ve given Alex access to the Evil Inc blog, so you’ll see her post from time to time — to share behind-the-scenes updates on what she’s currently working on, alert you to convention appearances, and generally share whatever’s on her mind at the time! You’ll know it’s her because you’ll see her avatar whenever she posts. Like this…

Alex HeberlingI’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, as my mom might say, but I came around to comics in junior high and high school — since I liked both drawing AND writing stories.

(Before that, I mostly drew cats. Lots of cats.)

I eventually went to Ohio State and earned a fine art degree in Art and Technology, doing comics in my free time and incorporating them into my assignments whenever I could.  (I also learned how to make holograms and robots, so I’m ready for the Star Trek Future any time now.)

I discovered webcomics around 2001, with my entry points being 8-Bit Theater and Megatokyo. 🙂  I started my first webcomic in 2005, during my first year of college, and I’ve worked on many different personal projects over the years, from absurd comedy, to fantasy, to my current project, The Hues, which is about magical girls versus an alien invasion.

The Hues is a story I’ve worked on in fits and spurts for many years, and I finally decided to start making the comic my primary focus two years ago!  I’ll soon be crowdfunding the first print volume to coincide with my 10th anniversary in comics, which I’m very excited about.

Along with The Hues, I occasionally post to Alex’s Guide, which is my autobiographical/gag webcomic.  I’ve been an avid listener of Webcomics Weekly for years, as well as a member of Webcomics.com, and I’m really excited about the opportunity to color for Evil Inc. 😀

This is Brad again. Be sure to jump on Twitter and welcome Alex to Evil Inc. She’s @AlexHeberling. While you’re there, follow her. She’s a hoot. You can find her on Tumblr, too. And, of course, be sure to bookmark AlexHeberling.com to keep up with all of the many projects that Alex is going to be bringing out over the coming months.