I was just browsing my Patreon Activity feed, and it struck me how much I’ve uploaded there since the beginning of the year. If you are considering supporting my Patreon campaign, please have a look at everything that’s waiting for you — much of which is accessible for as little as $1 a month! (I’ve obscured some of the punchlines and comments.)

What’s cool about Patreon is that you have the ability to get notifications every time I upload something new. So you don’t have to worry about following Evil-Inc.com and Guigar.com and Arch-Bros.com, etc. You get first look at all comics for Guigar.com and Arch Bros long before they post on their respective Web sites. And, if you’re a $5/month supporter, you get the Evil Inc comic with the upcoming months’ comics (plus a bonus in every issue)!

If not to support one of your favorite independent cartoonists, consider this a small investment in your own time management!