This morning, I posted the first reward for my Patreon backers — a set of digital wallpapers for desktops and mobile devices. In October, I was happy to announce that I had post more than one Patreon exclusive for every weekday in the month, and I mentioned that my goal was to keep up that pace — if not top it — in November.

So I’m super-proud to share with you my Patreon-by-the-numbers for November. Last month, I uploaded 29 posts for my Patreon backers. Forget weekdays… that’s practically one post for every day of the month!

6 Evil Inc previews

5 Pin-ups

4 NSFW illustrations

4 NSFW sketches

3 full-page Evil Inc After Dark episodes (NSFW)

1 chance to get Evil Inc original art

2 Bonus cartoons

1 Desktop/mobile wallpaper

1 Uncensored Courting Disaster (NSFW)

1 Discount code for the 2016 Evil Inc pin-up calendar ($9.99, down from $19.99)

1 Arch Bros preview

If you’re thinking about joining our group to get access to all of that great stuff, it’s a great time to join right now! Evil Inc After Dark has turned into an amazing thing — full-page stories, many of which link together into a larger narrative… and no limits.

If you liked Courting Disaster, you’re going to love seeing what I can do when the gloves come off. (And the gloves are just for starters…) If you miss the comment section on the main site, this is also a chance to have discussion with other Evil Inc fans. The chat function in Patreon updates immediately, so if I’m around (and I usually am), we can even talk in real time.

In short, Patreon is where it’s all happening. You’re missing out on a ton of great stuff if you’re not there.