Hey Comics Kids podcast logoBe sure to visit our Patreon page! (patreon.com/heycomicskids ) Since Alex left for a trip to tour Chile and Peru along with the rest of the Keystone State Boychoir, we celebrated Christmas a little early in our house. As a result, Alex got Star Wars Battlefront as a present. He delivers a happy review of the game in this episode.

About Star Wars Battlefront

This was the game that finally drove us away from the XBox. See, it wouldn’t work on our XBox 360, so we needed to upgrade. When I asked the kids which platform they’re prefer, the Playstation 4 won out over the XBox One. So it was bye-bye XBox / hello Playstation.

The game was a little more graphic in its first-person shooter aspect than I was perpared for. The violence was a little too realistic for my taste. But, as my older son keeps reminding me, he’s not a little kid any more. Max, on the other hand, isn’t very interested in the game at all. You can play as either heroes or villains — which I find appealing. And the visuals are — as you’d expect — amazing!

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