Hey Comics Kids podcast logoBe sure to visit our Patreon page! (patreon.com/heycomicskids ) The boys have seen a trailer for the upcoming Captain America Civil War movie, and boy do they have thoughts to share! We know the movie is still a long ways off, but we can’t help discussing it. Those new LEGO sets based on the movie aren’t helping matters any, either.

About Captain America Civil War

The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (number 13!) is also a tie-in to one of the comics’ most popular storylines – Civil War. In the Marvel comics version of the Civil War, superheroes are forced to choose whether to sign the Superhero Registration Act — which will, among other things, make their secret identities a matter of record. This splits the superhero community down the middle, with some eagerly signing up while others desperately resist. Significantly, Captain America (anti-Registration) dies in the comics version of the story. This one is bound to have a metric-ton of heroes — and villains — duking it out. It’s bound to be an instant classic.

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