Hey Comics Kids podcast logoBe sure to visit our Patreon page! (patreon.com/heycomicskids ) It’s the THIRD season of Hey Comics — Kids! Today, Max talks about his favorite topic — Pokemon. It’s the Pokemon 20th anniversary, and they’re celebrating two decades of catching-em-all, and this newly minted 10-year-old couldn’t be happier!

About Pokemon 20th anniversary

So there’s a lot of stuff going on for the Pokemon 20th anniversary that you should be aware of. For starters, every month, GameStop will be giving out free download cards that enable you to get Pokemon that you might not have been able to snag yet. Max tells me that this is a Very Big Deal.

Also, Pokemon is re-releasing its first three games — Pokemon Red, Yellow and Blue — for the 3DS. Those games were available previously only for Gameboy units… or desktop emulators. We’ve already downloaded Red and Yellow. There will be reports forthcoming, rest assured.

And we’re certain that’s not all that’s in store for us this year. It’s amazing to me how excited my ten-year-old can get over a 20-year-old 8-bit side-scroller, but I’m telling you… this thing has him enthralled.

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